Xero Lipo Body Sculpting


Xero Lipo Body Sculpting

Multi-Application Platform for Total Body Sculpting


The most comprehensive non-surgical, fat reduction & body shaping system.


One Machine – Multiple Treatments

  • Xero Lipo is the ultimate non-invasive, all-in-one face and body sculpting technology platform. Xero Lipo uses a combination of painless laser lipolysis, neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) & radio frequency (RF) – complete with a Cosmeditech leading customer lifestyle support package, making it the most complete package yet.
  • It includes total body targeting control including: arms, legs, tummies, bums, thighs and chin. Manufactured in the UK, our high quality machines make them the safest and most effective non-invasive body sculpting procedures, delivering high customer satisfaction.


One Machine – Multiple Applications

  • Dual wavelength low level lasers
  • Multi polar radiofrequency with temperature sensors
  • Skin tightening & muscle toning*
  • Cellulite & stretch mark Improvement*
  • Targeted fat reduction for targeted body areas*
  • Measurable results after 1 treatment*

*Results may vary from patient to patient

Xero Lipo technology is also available to enhance your businesses current, existing equiptment and technology. You can enquire about Laser Lipo, Laser Lipo with Neuromuscular Stimulation or our Radio Frequency technologies individually.


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How it works

Xero Lipo incorporates both visible red and Infra red laser for biostimulation of metabolic pathways resulting in the release of fatty acids and glycerol, shrinking fat cells.

Treatment is safe and comfortable and can target specific stubborn pockets of fat as well as reshaping the body.

* Results may vary for different patients.


Neuromuscular Stimulation – Xero NMS

The Xero NMS is a medical grade device and represents a significant advance in neuromuscular stimulation technology. Originally developed for treating injured soldiers and athletes, used to prevent muscle wastage by strengthening and increasing muscle density though electrical stimulation. This advanced NMS delivers the intensity required without the pain through a pre-programmed frequency and energy delivery.

It can activate muscle to metabolise glycogen and fat and works in synergy with the Xero laser to burn off released fat as well as tone the muscle. Over time it can increase the body natural metabolic rate through increase muscle mass all while lying comfortably with no stress on the body or joints.

Xero NMS: Infrared Thermal Imaging
*Results may vary patient to patient



Skin Tightening – Xero RF

Xero RF is a high frequency, multi polar Radiofrequency / RF system that penetrates into the skin creating a hyper-thermal effect. This deep dermal and subcutaneous heating causes collagen strands to contract and tighten the skin and can also accelerate fat metabolism for enhanced body shaping.

Using Multi Polar Radiofrequency (RF) Xero Lipo can tighten up loose skin to further enhance results and achieve a firmer skin texture and appearance. The application of RF heat can stimulate metabolic activity and smooth out Cellulite.


3D Body Analysis

Xero Lipo incorporates patented technology to instantly measure body fat and provide detailed analysis including: Basal Metabolic rate, body fat percentage. Patient information is then recorded in a database, to measure reduction in body fat and overall improvement in patient health.

Results can be printed out to show the positive results of incorporating Xero Lipo laser into a lifestyle changing programme.




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*Results may vary from patient to patient



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Xero Lipo
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