3D Body Scanner

3D Body Scanning Technology

The Cosmediscan 3D body scanner captures a high resolution 3D image of the body and calculates precise circumference measurements from all parts of the body.

The Cosmediscan system replaces traditional tape measure, producing a more accurate measurement of before and after weight loss or cosmetic treatments.
Cosmediscan produces more realistic and accurate scans that other 3D technology, using the latest Intel Realsense technology compared to older Microsoft Kinect technology. Also, there is no need for the client to stand on a turntable and the process can be completed in all sizes of consultation or treatment rooms.

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3D visual records, data & metrics

Records are stored on an integrated database. Each scan takes about 40 seconds and results in a photographic quality 3D image of the body. From the circumference measurements the software will calculate key data and metrics such as Hip to Waist ratio and Body Mass Index. This can provide an indicator for overall health assessment as well as setting goals of reducing fat and reshaping the body.