Crystile Adipose Tissue Reduction


Non-invasive adipose tissue reduction

Enhance your silhouette, look and feel healthy



Natural fat elimination with vacuum & cooling

Crystile is a body contouring device developed using the same technology as our medical device Cooltech. Crystile advanced treatments are totally non invasive as well as pain free and visible results are achieved in a very short time.

Crystile treatments are designed to reduce localised fat and sculpt areas of the body treated with the device. After just one session, the patient will see significant visible reduction in the treated area, thus offering patients the best guarantees.

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crystile advanced uses an applicator to suction the desired area. It generates a vacuum effect which momentarily slows down the blood flow and facilitates the application of cryotherapy.

The natural fat elimination process is triggered after treatment, reducing undesired fat through the lymphatic system. Treatment with crystile advanced allows patients to immediately integrate back into their daily lives.

One of the advantages the device offers is the possibility to use two accessories at the same time, thus optimising treatments and obtaining the best results in less time. The accessories it works with are indicated for people with fat folds greater than 35 mm with soft tissue and in areas such as abdomen, love handles, glutei and flanks.
What is cryolipolysis?
Cryolipolysis aims to reduce adipocytes through a dermatological process which is defined by its own name: “cryo” means cold and “lipolysis” means the destruction of fats. Cryolipolysis is a process whereby fat is frozen so that the body can then dissolve it.

How does crystile advanced work?
crystile advanced operates with a non-invasive cooling system that has passed regulatory and efficacy tests.

What results can i expect from the treatment?
crystile advanced treatments are capable of reducing between 15% and 40% of the treated fat layer. The body’s natural metabolism gradually eliminates the destroyed fat during the 90 days that follow treatment. Results are visible after the second or third week.

What areas are suitable for treatment with crystile advanced?
crystile advanced treatments can be performed on different zones of the body: abdominal zone, love handles, flanks, back, glutei, etc.

How often can i receive cryolipolysis treatments?
crystile advanced treatment is effective after just one session, although depending on the treatment zone and the diagnosis, three sessions can be performed at 8-week intervals.

Can i combine crystile advanced treatments with any other technology?
Yes, you can. Even though crystile advanced treatments offer very good results, combining them with other technology will enhance their effect. cocoon medical recommends obtaining a proper diagnosis so you can achieve the perfect, desired results.

Are there any contraindications for crystile advanced treatments?
Contraindications of cryolipolysis are minimal; however, this type of treatment is not recommended in pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, people allergic to cold, with coagulation alterations or active skin lesions, etc.



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I have recently purchased the new Elysion Laser Hair Removal Machine. This was a very big decision for my Salon, although established a long time I’ve always played it safe and never really invested in such a big purchase. I was very impressed with the service from Cosmeditech. Peter was extremely informative and never tired of my constant questions! I never felt pushed in any way and was very comfortable knowing I was buying a very good product. I have now had the machine just over 3 months and can say so far it is a massive success. Our training was fantastic and Peter even came and helped with our launch night. Through minimum advertising on Facebook and a website specifically for our laser we are constantly getting bookings.
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