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Synergetic Skin Rejuvenation



Multi-functional facial platform

The deep2 dermo-facial platform provides three technologies that, combined with each other and with the met2morph cosmeceutical line, work synergistically to encompass the complete range of modern, professional facial treatments.

The deep2 technology incorporates hydrodermabrasion, draining / remodelling, cupping massage and bio-stimulating LED therapy, which respond to the needs and characteristics of each type of skin.

Purifies, Nourishes & Balances

Removes impurities and dead cells, freeing the pores and reducing their appearance. Accelerates the entry of cosmeceutical complexes that nourish, balance and activate skin metabolism.

Decongests & Protects

Stimulates the elimination of retained liquids, freeing the skin of toxins and unwanted metabolic waste. Restores a supple, luminous skin protected by antioxidants, nutrient peptides and trace minerals that rebuild the barrier function.



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    GLIT : Hydrodermabrasion

    The GLIT handpiece uses diamond tip exfoliation that allows a deep cleansing of the skin, performing a gentle exfoliation that removes impurities from the pores and prepares the epidermis for the infusion of the active ingredients of the treatment.

    Its suction-infusion technology allows the application of met2morph cosmeceutical complexes simultaneously with the removal of the exfoliation residues, leaving the skin clean, luminous and ready for the next steps of the deep2 treatment.




    CALYX : Cupping Massage

    With its precise design, the CALYX applicator allows you to perform a relaxing cupping massage that reshapes, drains and decongests the skin according to its specific needs.

    • Stimulates blood circulation, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

    • Acts on the lymphatic circulation triggering drainage of the tissue and detoxification.

    • Used as a remodelling treatment, promoting the generation of collagen and elastin.






    LUX : LED Therapy

    Two simultaneous applicators of bio-stimulant LED therapy that, used together with the CRYSALID mask, exert a calming effect at the end of the deep2 treatment. LUX chromotherapy, with red, green and blue light modes, activates the skin’s fundamental repair processes.

    LUX : LED Benefits

    • Calming effect / Balances sebum
    • Modulates the microbiota
    • Activates repair processes
    • Stimulates the synthesis of dermal matrix


    LED Colur Spectrum

    ◉ 468nm : BLUE LIGHT

    Inhibits bacterial proliferation and improves the microenvironment of the skin.

    ◉ 630nm : RED LIGHT

    Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improving skin hydration.

    ◉ 468nm : GREEN LIGHT

    Unifies skin tone for a more luminous appearance. Stimulates the synthesis of the dermal extracellular matrix.






    Professional Cosmeceuticals

    Science, nature and beauty are the elements that inspire met2morph, the cosmeceutical line of the deep2 universe that was created to enhance the health and balance of the skin.

    We believe in healthy skin, which transforms and changes, revealing itself to be beautiful at every moment and at every age. Giving us security and confidence, reflecting our essence. For this reason, its balance is important and is unique for each skin condition.




    Unique Formulation

    Expert cosmetologists and facial specialists have created unique formulations with more than 75 state-of-the-art active ingredients that infuse the skin, nourishing it, balancing it and protecting it.

    met2morph was created as a perfect symbiosis between cosmeceutical science and deep2 technology. Together, they create a universe of treatment experiences that allow total customisation, responding to the changing needs of the skin.

    Because all skins are different and their needs change, deep2 & met2morph allow the total customisation of the treatment and its adaptation to the skin’s evolution.




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    Supply voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
    115 V AC 60 Hz (optional)
    Maximum consumption 150 VA
    Interface 5.7” colour touch screen
    IP protection rating IPX0
    Classification Clase I type B
    Fuse protection 2 x T1A / 250VAC
    Dimensions 18 cm (w) x 34 cm (l) x 40 cm (h)
    Weight 8.5 Kg
    Applicator tip diameter 6mm
    Applicator tip thicknesses 0, 30, 45 and 60 microns
    Maximum pressure 20 cmHg
    Suction level 1-10 cmHg
    RED wavelength 630nm
    BLUE wavelength 468nm
    GREEN wavelength 523nm


    Whether you are an established clinic, upgrading your Laser equipment, or you are starting up a new cosmetic practice, Cosmeditech provide free certified training courses, marketing & business support.



    Latest reviews

    The Best Machines & Support

    Rated 5 out of 5

    It truly has been the best investment I have made, the machines are top of the range delivering amazing results every time! The support from them has been mind blowing, anytime I have a question or need assistance I have someone on hand and made to feel I’m no trouble. I have gone from just one machine to three in my clinic in 2 years!!

    Kerry Davis

    Fantastic training

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah and her team are very professional. I purchased the Eneka pro 4,000w, no hard sell, just honest answers to all my questions. After a few months once I’d had the chance to work with the laser machine. I asked Deborah if I could go over a few things with one of the team. (Menopause brain😭)

    It’s very rare these days, you can ask for extra training & the company be so accommodating. Mary & Nadia are brilliant trainers, both very patient with me.

    100% would recommend this company, best training & very supportive of your business. True professionals!!

    Sarah Harper


    Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazing machine and very satisfying results hence great revenue. Good post sale support from the company specifically from the sales manager Suki.

    Dr Sharma
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