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Aesthetic & Cosmetic Technology

Eneka PRO

High Power and fast Diode Laser Hair Removal platform with multiple wavelengths.



Soft FX

Soft FX provides instant analysis of skin, body, legs and hair using a HD micro-camera.




Radiofrequency body contouring with deep active rotational massage technology.


CrioCUUM Cryolipolysis

CrioCUUMCrioCUUM is an innovative system that uses non-invasive cryolipolysis to eliminate fatty tissue.

Vmat PRO Shockwave Therapy

VMAT-PROVMAT PRO uses Shockwave Therapy & vibrational massage for face & body sculpting treatments.

Deep2 Dermofacial

Deep2Deep2 incorporates hydrodermabrasion, draining, cupping massage and LED therapy.

Linfopress Evolution PRO

LinfopressHighly effective pressotherapy device for the treatment of lymphatic and circulation problems.

Exciplex® Light Therapy

ExciplexExciplex® is a portable excimer light platform that treats autoimmune skin conditions.

Astra RF Microneedling

Astra-RFAstra RF is a minimally invasive device that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Q10 Nd:YAG Laser

Q10-LaserMulti-application Q-Switched Laser for carbon facials, skin pigmentation & tattoo removal.

Symmed RF

SymmedRF / Radiofrequency for face & body that stimulates the natural functions of tissues.

Plexus FPL

Plexus-FPLPlexus FPL is a fractional IPL machine / Advanced Pulse Light system with multiple wavelengths.

Curelux LED

Curelux-LEDCurelux provides the maximum effectiveness of LED light therapy with 4 wavelengths in each LED.

PicoMax Pico Laser

PicoMaxPicoMax is a high power, ultra short-pulse picosecond Laser for skin toning & tattoo removal.

SmartXEL CO² Laser

SmartXELSmartXEL is a multi-application fractional C02 Laser with a wavelength of 10,600nm for skin rejuvenation.

Orchestra MAX

Orchestra-MAXOrchestra MAX uses high intensity electromagnetic therapy for EM Bodysculpting.

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