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Get started from as little as £300 per month*

Body sculpting is booming and the key market driver in 2017 are non surgical devices. Non invasive laser lipolysis machines such as Xero Lipo are expected to dominate by 2026.

*Offer varies for different models – all prices are subject to change without notice.

Xero Lipo offers:

• Targeted, safe and painless fat reduction
• Measurable results after first treatment *
• High client satisfaction

*Results may vary from patient to patient.

Non surgical body sculpting is attracting more clients than ever especially reaching out to those who would never consider even minimally invasive procedures, meaning more clients and more ROI.

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How does Xero Lipo Compare?

Fat freezing, coolsculpting, crypolipolysis, cavitation machines, body sculpting, non-invasive liposuction, laser lipo, fat laser machines the list goes on and on. With so many different machines, technologies and equipment not to mention costings, it can difficult to really compare what is best for your business and clients. Use our table below to see how Xero Lipo machines compare.

Xero Lipo
Ultrasound Cavitation

Treatment Results

Immediate Results
Skin Tightening
Cellulite Improvement
Stretch Mark Improvement
No Side Effects

Timeframe / Costing

Treatment Time (mins)
Machine Cost
Additional Operating Costs
Client Support Programme



FREE industry leading Training program, FREE marketing support, FREE warranty and service support, 0% finance**

Looking to increase your revenue? Xero Lipo is the opportunity for you!

Does for your customers what diet and exercise can’t:
• Effortless face & body sculpting
• Immediate fat reduction results*
• Cellulite & stretch mark reduction

**Credit is subject to status. Offer varies for different models. All prices are subject to change without notice.

*Results may vary from patient to patient.



How it works

Xero Lipo
Low Level Lasers naturally trigger the release of fat cells in targeted areas such as; stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs.
Xero NMS
Muscle stimulation then tones the muscles & burns the fat expelling it naturally from the body.
Xero RF
Radio frequency gently heats the targeted area, inducing tissue remodeling, production of collagen & elastin to sculpt & tighten the skin, improving the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks.
3D Body Analysis
3D body scanning captures a high resolution, 3D image of the body and calculates precise circumference measurements from all parts of the body.



Xero Lipo : Supporting Clients

With Xero Lipo your clients also receive:

• Nutiritonal support from trained nutritional experts
• An online Hub and FREE app with lifestyle advice
• Nutritional supplements to accelerate fat burn

Xero Lipo is the only programme that supports clients outside of and after their inch loss treatments. We let the technology do what exercise and diet can’t but ensure that clients will be supported through their treatment process and beyond.

This comes at no extra cost to your business and is run entirely by our team, it’s all part of the package.

Xero Lipo : Supporting You

Price options start from as little as £300 per month* and includes:

• FREE industry leading training for you & your team
• FREE marketing and client support
• FREE warranty and service support
• 0% finance*

Cosmeditech is the UK’s leading developer manufacturer of advanced light and laser technology systems in medical & cosmetic procedures, with over 30 years experience.

*Offer varies for different models. All prices are subject to change without notice



See Xero Lipo in action!

See the Cosmeditech team in action at Olympia Beauty, London. We received a great reception from patients, doctors, aestheticians & physicians from all over the world… from London, Wales, Japan, USA and Portugal.



Real People – Real Results


*Results may vary for different patients



The Xero Lipo Business Guide

The Xero Lipo Body Sculpting business guide gives you essential tips & useful information on how to generate customers & income for your clinic.

Includes treatment FAQs, business strategies, marketing guides & advertising ideas to help you get started.

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Treatment / Technical Information



Laser Lipolysis such as Xero Lipo uses low level laser technology to stimulate the body’s natural process for releasing stored fat from adipose tissue, eventually shrinking these fat cells back to their normal size. Results can be measured immediately and enhance with further treatments. Its a completely non-invasive approach and any area with fat pockets can be treated with no discomfort reported during or after treatments.


Known as fat freezing this destroys fat cells in targeted areas. Results are gradual but should start to show at around 4 weeks. During the procedure it’s common for patients to experience sensations of tugging or pulling with mild pinching and intense cold stinging, aching and/or cramping. These should subside after treatment areas become numb. Afterwards typical side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, itching, cramping and stinging. A report in JAMA looking at side effects also noted a rare but severe adverse reaction in patients where fat began to accumulate more in the targeted areas.


Typically a non-invasive non-surgical procedure using high-intensity focused ultrasound to remove stubborn fat. Results take around 8-12 weeks. During treatments patients may feel slight discomfort, prickling, tingling or burning and swelling, bruising or redness can be present after treatments.

Laser Type: Diode
Structure: MOCVD fabricated dual wavelength laser diode with multi quantum well.
Wavelengths: Red – 658nm and IR – 785nm +/- 10nm
Optical Output Power: Red – 50mW and IR – 40mW +/- 20%
Pulse Duration: Continuous wave (CW)
Transverse Electro Magnetic Mode: TEM 00 Gaussian beam.
Beam Divergence Pads: 0.275 radians +/- 20%
Linearly polarized, elliptical beam profile, beam diverging window.
Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance, (NOHD): 0.883 m
Extended Nominal Ocular Hazard
Distance (ENOHD): 6.3 m
Laser Eyewear: BS EN 207:2009 calculation 658 D LB4