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Multi-application platform for total body sculpting

Non-surgical fat reduction & body shaping




One machine – Multiple Treatments

Xero Lipo is the ultimate non-invasive, all-in-one face and body sculpting technology platform. Xero Lipo uses a combination of painless laser lipolysis, neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) & radio frequency (RF) – complete with a Cosmeditech leading customer lifestyle support package, making it the most complete package yet.

It includes total body targeting control including: arms, legs, stomach, buttocks, thighs and chin. Manufactured in the UK, our high quality machines make them the safest and most effective non-invasive body sculpting procedures, delivering high customer satisfaction.

Get started from as little as £300 per month

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    Whether you are an established clinic, upgrading your Laser equipment, or you are starting up a new cosmetic practice, Cosmeditech provide free certified training courses, marketing & business support.


    One Machine – Multiple Applications

    • Dual wavelength low level lasers
    • Multi polar RF with temperature sensors
    • Skin tightening & muscle toning*
    • Cellulite & stretch mark Improvement*
    • Targeted fat reduction for targeted body areas*
    • Measurable results after 1 treatment*


    Laser Type: Diode
    Structure: MOCVD fabricated dual wavelength laser diode with multi quantum well.
    Wavelengths: Red – 658nm and IR – 785nm +/- 10nm
    Optical Output Power: Red – 50mW and IR – 40mW +/- 20%
    Pulse Duration: Continuous wave (CW)
    Transverse Electro Magnetic Mode: TEM 00 Gaussian beam.
    Beam Divergence Pads: 0.275 radians +/- 20%
    Linearly polarized, elliptical beam profile, beam diverging window.
    Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance, (NOHD): 0.883 m
    Extended Nominal Ocular Hazard
    Distance (ENOHD): 6.3 m
    Laser Eyewear: BS EN 207:2009 calculation 658 D LB4

    Tailored to your practice

    Xero Lipo is a modular system which can include Neuromuscular Stimulation (Xero NMS), Radiofrequency Skin Tightening (Xero RF) & 3D Body Scanning technology – so you can choose the technology & modify your system to fit in with your treatments.

    Xero Lipo incorporates both visible red and Infra red laser for biostimulation of metabolic pathways resulting in the release of fatty acids and glycerol, shrinking fat cells. Treatment is safe and comfortable and can target specific stubborn pockets of fat as well as reshaping the body. * Results may vary for different patients


    The Xero NMS is a medical grade device and represents a significant advance in neuromuscular stimulation technology. Originally developed for treating injured soldiers and athletes, used to prevent muscle wastage by strengthening and increasing muscle density though electrical stimulation. This advanced NMS delivers the intensity required without the pain through a pre-programmed frequency and energy delivery.

    It can activate muscle to metabolise glycogen and fat and works in synergy with the Xero laser to burn off released fat as well as tone the muscle. Over time it can increase the body natural metabolic rate through increase muscle mass all while lying comfortably with no stress on the body or joints.


    Xero RF is a high frequency, multi polar Radiofrequency / RF system that penetrates into the skin creating a hyper-thermal effect. This deep dermal and subcutaneous heating causes collagen strands to contract and tighten the skin and can also accelerate fat metabolism for enhanced body shaping.

    Using Multi Polar Radiofrequency (RF) Xero Lipo can tighten up loose skin to further enhance results and achieve a firmer skin texture and appearance. The application of RF heat can stimulate metabolic activity and smooth out Cellulite.


    Xero Lipo incorporates patented technology to instantly measure body fat and provide detailed analysis including: Basal Metabolic rate, body fat percentage. Patient information is then recorded in a database, to measure reduction in body fat and overall improvement in patient health.

    Results can be printed out to show the positive results of incorporating Xero Lipo laser into a lifestyle changing programme.

    Xero Lipo
    Ultrasound Cavitation

    Treatment Results

    Immediate Results
    Skin Tightening
    Cellulite Improvement
    Stretch Mark Improvement
    No Side Effects

    Timeframe / Costing

    Treatment Time (mins)
    Machine Cost
    Additional Operating Costs
    Client Support Programme


    How Xero Lipo Works

    Xero Lipo emits low levels of laser energy, creating a chemical signal in the fat cells which breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing them through channels in the cell membranes. These fatty acids and glycerol are transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during the body’s natural metabolism.

    This fatty acid release is a natural process, triggered when the body uses stored energy reserves. So Xero Lipo is not creating any unnatural reaction in the body, nor does it damage any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.



    Before & After Images

    *Results may vary from patient to patient


    Participants in an FDA double blind, randomised, controlled study treatment group demonstrated a mean circumference reduction of -4.7cm compared to a mean reduction of -0.88cm for the control group. The mean difference of -3.8cm between the two groups was found to be statistically significant.

    Practice Benefits

    • Outstanding practice support and customer service
    • Technologically advanced combination treatment protocol
    • Global brand backed by extensive marketing

    Patient Benefits

    • Clinically proven
    • Safe and comfortable
    • Fast treatment time
    • No side effects
    • Immediate measurable results*
    • Encourages lifestyle change and improvement

    Xero Lipo is comfortable, safe and clinically proven, backed by independent multi-centre studies from leading physicians worldwide.

    *Results may vary from patient to patient


    How many treatments will I need?

    Treatments are structured into courses of eight. Your number of treatments, however, is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goal. We suggest eight treatments performed twice a week for four weeks.

    How long is each treatment?

    The Xero Lipo appointment is typically approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour long, including body analysis measurement with 20 minutes of laser treatment, 10-15 minutes of laser vacuum massage followed by 10-15 minutes of radio frequency treatment.

    The exact length of appointment will be dependent on the body area being treated. Depending on individual goals and requirements, a period of post treatment exercise may be advised to be included in your treatment prescription, which may accelerate your goal achievements and support long term maintenance.

    Is it comfortable?

    Most people feel very little during the first step of treatment and often find it comfortable and relaxing. A typical sensation felt is a slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with your skin. The second and third steps of treatment involves vacuum massage and radio frequency which will feel a little more sensation than the first step, but will be delivered to a level that is acceptable to you.

    Is it suitable for everyone?

    Xero Lipo can be used on both men and women and can treat all areas of the body except female breast. As with any treatment, people with certain medical conditions should not use Xero Lipo. Your Xero Lipo practitioner will go through a full medical questionnaire and consultation prior to treatment to confirm suitability.

    Is it safe?

    Yes. Independent clinical studies have shown Xero Lipo to be completely safe with no side effects. The laser simply triggers a natural reaction of fat cell release. The process does not cause any damage and cells remain intact, just smaller, giving immediate results.

    How long will the results last?

    Results are long-term, provided your calorie intake and eating plan is stable, and you engage in regular exercise. Further treatments can be performed to correct diet indulgence or target another area of the body.

    When will I see results?

    Often results can be seen immediately* and improve with every treatment. Over the course of eight sessions, you can achieve dramatic reshaping of the body, fat reduction and cellulite improvement and skin conditioning and tightening.

    *Results may vary from patient to patient



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