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Safyre RF Radiofrequency

Safyre-RFRF / Radiofrequency skin tightening for body and face.

Neuromuscular Stimulation – NMS

Accelerate fat metabolism and burn off released fat cell contents.

3D Body Scanner

xero-stagesHigh resolution technology for body measurement.

Cooltech Fat Reduction

CooltechNon-invasive fat reduction & body contouring.


Laser, IPL & RF Treatments

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

body-sculptingBody sculpting is fast becoming a staple procedure for client beauty treatment requests…

Laser Fat Reduction

fat-reductionFat reduction is a top request from patients being a non-invasive treatment that targets specific areas…

Laser Hair Removal

hair-removalLaser hair removal isn’t a recent phenomenon and one of the fastest growing industries…

Skin Tightening

skin-tighteningSkin tightening a highly sought after treatment for both the face and body with patients…



Xero Aesthetic Technology

Cosmeditech is excited to launch the brand new range of Xero devices, including:

  • Xero Lipo Body Sculpting : Non-surgical Multi-application body platform, offering body fat analysis, fat reduction, muscle stimulation, cellulite reduction, skin tightening & body shaping
  • NMS / Laser & Neuromuscular Stimulation : Biostimulation targeted fat reduction and accelerated metabolism
  • Xero RF / Radiofrequency : RF face & body skin tightening



Maximum Speed Laser Hair Removal

3 X more powerful, 5 X faster, 3 wavelengths in just 1 hand-piece

Primelase HR is the only laser diode platform that has a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode LASER, with a combination of three wavelengths for maximum effectiveness.

  • Treats all hair and skin types
  • Largest spot size
  • Highest peak power
  • Static and dynamic modes
  • One applicator


About Cosmeditech

With over 30 years experience in the development of devices in the medical and cosmetic market the Cosmeditech team are excited to introduce the new range of systems for 2018. With state of the art design and based on many years of clinical research, the new Cosmeditech range brings the latest innovation in non surgical aesthetic treatments.
Cosmeditech has recently launched a number of aesthetic projects, including Xero Technology: aesthetic cosmetic devices – laser lipolysis & RF / radiofrequency products. Primelase HR & Elysion: laser hair removal technology. Cosmediscan: 3D Body Scanning. Heath Skin Cosmeceuticals: medical grade skin care products.



Latest reviews

Comprehensive, efficient and innovative

With more than six years of experience in the sector, we are able to affirm that, to date, it is the most comprehensive, efficient and innovative LASER system of all the ones with which we are familiar.

Dr Hermosín – Esthetic Internacional

Really impressed with the Elysion

I am really impressed with the Elysion laser. Having used IPL, Alexandrite and Nd YAG lasers before the Elysion surpasses all in terms of results, client satisfaction and ease of use.

Michelle Seaman – Oxford Laser Aesthetics, Oxford

Excellent service.

I have recently purchased the new Elysion Laser Hair Removal Machine. This was a very big decision for my Salon, although established a long time I’ve always played it safe and never really invested in such a big purchase. I was very impressed with the service from Cosmeditech. Peter was extremely informative and never tired of my constant questions! I never felt pushed in any way and was very comfortable knowing I was buying a very good product. I have now had the machine just over 3 months and can say so far it is a massive success. Our training was fantastic and Peter even came and helped with our launch night. Through minimum advertising on Facebook and a website specifically for our laser we are constantly getting bookings. Clients and myself are extremely impressed with the results so far so I’m sure they will be booking for other areas and hopefully telling thier friends.

Angela Griffin

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