Elysion Laser Hair Removal


High Power Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Maximum Hair Removal Safety with ‘Cool Freeze’ Technology

Elysion offers advanced, high quality diode laser hair removal with maximum patient comfort, integrated ‘crystal freeze’ cooling technology and dual wavelength / operating modes.

Elysion Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology


  • Maximum Safety, clinically proven with integrated cooling
  • Superior results with square pulse technology
  • Dual dynamic and static operating modes (15Hz)
  • Dual wavelegnths; 755nm and 810nm for all hair and skin types
  • Virtually painless and easy to use


Superior results with maximum safety & square pulse technology

Elysium is designed and manufactured by the experts in laser hair removal technology to offer clinically proven results while maintaining maximum patient safety. The high quality diode laser works to selectively heat the melanin and destroy hair follicles without damage to the surrounding skin. The integrated crystal freeze system ensures the skins surface is kept cool and protected at all times.

Elysion is like no other technology in the market delivering square pulse technology which ensures evenly distributed pulses, eliminating any loss of energy during the shot.


Dual Dynamic and Static operating modes

The elysion multidisciplinary platform is designed to work for all skin and hair types. Static and dynamic modes allow maximum high energy short pulses for maximum power and lower energy stack pulses for virtually painless laser hair removal, treating both dense, thick hair and finer hair.

Static Mode: Delivers high fluences of energy in short pulses. Works for finer residual hair.

Dynamic Mode: Delivers low continuous energy to large surface areas. Works
for denser hair ensuring pain-free application.


Dual Wavelength Technology

The elysion combines two wavelengths to all versatility to deliver effective hair removal for all skin types.

755nm: Effective on fair skin types and allows fine hair follicles to be permanently removed.

810nm: Works on all skin phototypes and hair types


Crystal Freeze Technology

‘Crystal Freeze’ technology is a patented cooling system for the hand-piece tip that reduces the temperature generated by the light emissions. The exclusive Elysion system works by maintaining a constant 5° C temperature at the tip of the hand-piece, ensuring a cool temperature even with hours of use.


Clinically Proven

Elysion is supported by clinical in vivo clinical trials, designed under strict safety controls within a leading Research and Development Department by qualified experts.


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