Ingrown Hairs Be Gone!

Do you struggle with ingrown hairs? Do you find that no matter how much you shave, wax, scrub, dry brush, slather yourself in moisturiser or even fork out financially for expensive ingrown-hair serums – you STILL suffer?

Well no longer! Laser hair removal can be the answer to permanently preventing any regrowth associated with those pesky bumps!


When you remove hair, it usually grows back without complaint. Most hair shafts will grow up through the skin from the follicle without causing any problems. An ingrown hair occurs when a removed hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface.

The body responds as if it were a foreign body and that’s when symptoms can begin (think: itching, redness, or localised swelling). This can cause a lot of problems beyond just those annoying red bumps and in some cases cause: significant pain, keloid scaring and pseudofolloculitis (inflammation and infection of the hair follicles). Unfortunately, it can affect BAME men and women and those with curly or course hair more than others, but it is often universally reported across all skin tones and hair types.


Laser hair removal works by using concentrated light at specific wavelengths to affect the hair follicles in your skin. The melanin pigment in the hair attracts the light emitted by the laser, which is then absorbed by the hair follicle, heating and disabling it causing the hair to fall out. Over time and continued treatment this results in the permanent reduction of follicle hair growth.

While laser is highly effective at removing the growing visible hair you can see, it can also remove hair under the skin. It can even remove ingrown hairs even if they are not visible on the surface! For example, laser hair removal can remove hairs on the inside of the nose by applying the laser outside! Mind BLOWN.


You’ve guessed it – not all laser hair removal devices are created equal. Home use lasers aren’t nearly as effective as they have exceptionally low power and cannot remove hairs permanently. These low powered devices fail to deliver heat to the root of the hair follicle and in time the hair simply grows back.

Eneka PRO harnesses all the power of professional laser hair removal and combines it with the with the most powerful, pain free technology on the market. Eneka PRO contains twice the power of leading high-quality lasers and can achieve maximum, permanent results in just 6 sessions.

High power combined with the optimum wavelength means significantly greater heat is transferred to the hair follicle. With a larger spot size (or treatment area) and a repetition rate of 3 pulses per second, you can treat a top to toe leg session in just 10 minutes. That’s nearly twice as fast as others…

Eneka PRO also has integrated cooling technology where the surface of the skin is kept at a constantly cool 5 degrees so extraordinarily fast results can be achieved with minimal discomfort.


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